Ombre lips-the 'just-sucked-on-a-lollipop' vibe.

September 25, 2016

A lot of Korean girls have been sporting the gradient or 'just-sucked-on-a-cherry-lollipop' lip for some time now. Often called “cherry lips” in Asia, the Korean gradient lip is a slightly more subtle version of the ombre lips that Westerners are familiar with. It can be extremely natural-looking when you use pink and red shades, or showstopping if you use colors like purples, blues, and greens. In Korea, the look is said to give a more youthful and innocent appearance. All right, girls, here’s our one-stop solution for the perfect gradient lip – gradient lipsticks. Laneige's revolutionary two tone lip bar was launched last year in South Korea and sold out multiple times since.


I am so late with this trend but I must admit I REALLY LIKE IT!  I tried it last week and I am hooked! Some people find it looking as if the lipstick is undone, but we all have different tastes, don’t we? The two tone concept is really interesting and it is a unique product itself. It blends seamlessly into a natural gradient making your pout look fuller and younger. Its unique slanted design gives a precise application, resulting in glossy, vibrant color. The unique gel formulation glides like a dream while keeping lips moisturized all day long.



Gloss and Matte  

1) Main colour (high glossy)  prevents moisture from evaporating and maintains long-lasting moisturized and glamorous

 2) Sub colour (semi matte): Semi matte texture is applied softly and keeps the outer line of lips matte. 

It takes a little experimenting to get the gradient lips effect but the final end result is very pretty.



With two colors in one lipstick, you’ll be able to create your own custom two tone mix easily. The idea of being able to achieve gradation lips using just a single product really appeals to a busy woman like me. Hey it takes the hassle out of bringing two colors out with me, and the textures and pigmentation are amazing. Every one of these lip bars are extremely intense and creamy. 


So this is what I do to get the effect I want with ombre lips with Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar lipsticks. The preferred style of "ombre" is more of the "stained" look, where there is a deeper or more intense color on the insides of the lips and a lighter, more muted shade around the outsides. 

PLEASE note is that you MUST open the cap before pushing the lever – or else you’ll end up with a bumped-end lipstick.

  1. Apply the lip bar vertically on both lips.

  2. Flip the lip bar horizontally sideways and run it across the center of each lip just where the 2 colors meet. (When you hold it sideways, you get an automatic mix of both shades, and this allows you to blend out the pale and deep shade on your lips so they fade into each other more beautifully.) Make sure that the lighter shade is always on the outer edges of your lips (so that you get the just bitten darker shades on the insides of the lips). This means you’ll have to flip it when applying to the left and right halves of your upper lips.

  3. Run a nude lip liner lightly along the borders of your lips to add some definition to the shape if your lips look very thin wearing ombre. The liner won't look obvious but it will help to make the edges of your lips more visible. 


ALSO slim, rectangular shape and extra moisturizing properties makes the lipstick easy to break. Please slide down the button one level at a time.

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar has now 14 colors  to choose from, and they all look amazing.  So it very hard to choose! I will probably end up with them all , knowing me. I am totally addicted to Laneige.  I think the overall effect is briiliant. Let's get started!   


Hey, what about you? Which shade do you like?




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