August 8, 2016


When we think of blueberries, we think blueberry pie muffins, yogurt or ice cream. I just got back from Sweden and because of the warm weather this year there were fewer blueberries than last year. So even though I was not that lucky this summer, I still ate a fair amount and just the taste of it makes you realize the power of blueberries. Blueberry is often known as the antioxidant super fruit due to a high concentration of antioxidants. It is a super-fruit, with extract full of vitamin A, C, E and minerals to nourish skin and promote skin elasticity.


Blueberry use is increasing in natural cosmetics abroad and in South Korea it is huge. With blueberry face masks for night treatments, skin creams, shampoos and scrubs. 

My favourite skin care product  at the moment is HOLIKA HOLIKA honey sleeping pack Blueberry. It is brilliant and it smells divine. Enriched with 20% of blueberries and 20% of honey ingredients, The sleeping Pack nourishes and rejuvenates your skin overnight. Its a gel-like formula  that penetrates deep into your skin and delivers the essential nutrients to your skin overnight. 

My favourite face mask is the intensive skincare mask made with fermented coconut juice and blueberry. This mask delivers 10 x more hydration to the skin. The brilliant mask nourishes and hydrates the skin while restoring youthful resilience and promoting skin cell renewal. It regulates the skin's moisture balance to prevent excessive oil production or extreme dryness. I can not get enough of it. It is made by Leaders Clinic.

All this talk of blueberry makes me want to make a blueberry pie, so bye for now I am off to the shops to get blueberries and this I time I will eat them.


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August 8, 2016

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