Snail Mucus - I love it!

June 20, 2016

Korea is pumping out products fast and furiously. One of the products that has been very popular is Snail mucin. If you have never used a Korean face cream made from snail slime, then you may be missing out. Snail mucin is not the oozy, gooey slime that you may think it is. When it is formulated into a serum, cream or mask it smells and feels like any other skin care product. Apparently snail cream was discovered after workers on a farm growing snails for gourmet restaurants noticed that their hands became very smooth and small wounds were healing fast.


Snail mucin has been very popular in Korea because many have experienced after using the product their skin gets softer, smoother and hydrated with less visible acne scarring with continued use of snail mucin products. The ingredients are known to be anti-aging by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin. 


I am great fan of snail products but not sure about actual facials. Snail facials are actually not popular or common in Korea, but there are places in Asia (Japan and Thailand) and even in the UK that offer snail facials. Most of these treatments consist of allowing snails to crawl around your face, which leaves a trail of the snail mucin wherever they go. I must admit the thought of a snail crawling on my face does not appeal to me. Sorry but this time I will not volunteer, I'll stick with the products. Thank you!



So lets talk about the actual  products. One of the best sellers snail creams is Mizon, snail repair perfect cream. It contains 92% snail extract, the All-In-One Snail Repair Cream hydrates, helps improve the appearance of fine lines, and helps reduce the appearance of acne scarring and blemishes.


Another favourite is Tony Moly, pure eco snail moisture gel moisture.

You can use it both for body and face, it goes on light and disappears quickly into the skin, leaving it silky, hydrated, and subtly glowy. It contains 90 % snail extract. 


Of course you also have loads of face masks made of snail. I like them all but Dermal snail mask is extremely popular at the moment. It repairs, regenerates and helps heal damaged, aging skin. It's the best!



Snail product are great! I am totally in love with them, especially since they give you such much moisture. Next time I am in the garden and stepping on a snail by mistake, maybe I should preserve the mucus and use it. Only joking! Actually a healthy live snail will produce far more slime than what you would get from killing it. They are harvested in a snail-friendly laboratory environment, the snails are free to slither around merrily producing oodles of skin beneficial ‘slime’ (no snails are harmed!) Have fun and please do give it a try. 



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