The 10+ step to heaven not 3 steps.

May 5, 2016


When you are in Korea one of the first thing you notice on the women is that they have flawless skin. But nothing is free! They work hard hence their 10+ step routine. So it is achievable but it takes time. 



STEP 1-2: CLEANSER (Double Cleansing). Start with an oil cleanser which removes most of the layers of your makeup, it should literally melt your make up away so to speak (use this every evening, not really needed  in the morning when you start with a reasonable clean face). Then use a foam (water based) cleanser that will remove the excess oil. Do not skip this one, use it day and night.



STEP 3: Exfoliate with a face scrub which is right to your age and skin concern. Also, not always needed, but maybe do once a week as a routine like every Sunday.



STEP 4: Toner (Refresher) to balance your PH level. Good prep for the essence. You should really apply this with your hands but I must be honest I do use a cotton pad.



STEP 5: Essence to supply the skin with repairing ingredients. Super important for you to achieve that dewy glowy look. Apply it to your face with your hands and pat it dry. 





STEP 6: Serum, Boosters or Ampoule (very important). Extra moisture for your skin. Tend to be a bit thicker than the essence. You only need 2-3 drops and pat it dry. Perfect  for the winter months. For me this is the anti-aging process but, for others, it can be different. So use a serum which suits your skin concerns (Anti-aging, Hydration or Dark spot Correction.) If you have some extra time why not do facial yoga and pressure points.



STEP 7: The Sheet Mask (to be honest I actually sometimes skip this part)

 I tend to use it twice a week. But you can use it 3-4 times per week when you need extra hydration. Please warn your family members when you are using it, you do not want to scare them! 



STEP 8: Eye Cream or Gel. You need to look after the skin here. It is thin and delicate and shows first signs of lines. Dab and Pat DO NOT rub it in.




STEP 9: Emulsion with high SPF or night cream. I sometimes substitute the night cream with a sleeping mask. They provide an extra dose of hydration. See it as a deep therapy for your face.


STEP 10: Facial oil if you have dry skin (I tend to skip this one since my serum provides a lot of hydration).


STEP 11: Sunscreen (daytime). Not needed if your emulsion already has high SPF.



End it all with a MIST. Yes to maintain and re-active the products you should use a mist. I have a travel size mist in my handbag and around midday I start using it and top up in the afternoon. A midday spritz wakes us up faster than a 3 p.m. coffee break. I promise you it is the best thing you can do to your skin.



Now I hear you say, how will I be able to stick to this regime? In the long run it will benefit your skin BIG TIME. Of course we all have bad days and run out of time. You can occasionally skip some of the steps.

And do more pampering over the weekend to catch up. Send the kids out for playtime with friends. Chase the husband out with the dog. Switch off the phone. Get a scented candle and soft background music. Lay down with the sheet mask and  ZONE out. 


You deserve it!!!


Meanwhile I will continue my research of all types of different face sheet masks.  I will soon give you an update . Now it is time for me to get a mask and relax...See you soon...


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