Is the Korean Beauty Routine the Answer?

April 29, 2016


If you've never used a Korean face cream made from Snail slime, then you may be missing out. Likewise you may be being left behind if you do not use weekly a Korean Face mask made of placenta, seaweed or rice.


So what is the hype about I hear you say?


I have been very lucky to have been to Korea and I must admit when I entered a beauty shop there was no turning back. This was 3 years ago and I still remember the sheer joy of discovering all these products.

I felt like a child in a toy shop. Even the next morning before my flight back to London I had to go back for another fix! 



Last year South Korea exported more than £1.85bn of cosmetic goods.

Maybe this is the reason...


*The makeup in Korea is highly developed and the industry uses many natural ingredients and extracts in their entire line.

*Koreans go for the glowing and minimal makeup look.

*Korean skincare regimen is about taking a multi-step approach, sometimes upwards of 10+ steps in a routine including the use of "essence" and "ampoule" creams, and a "sheet mask".(My next blog will be about the 10 steps to heaven, not 3).

*Most makeup products from Korea have a minimum of 25 SPF, but 50 SPF is fairly common.

*The Koreans place a heavy emphasis on the condition of their skin, so skincare is often more important than “colour makeup”, the term they use to refer to items such as eye shadows, blushers and lip colors.



In Europe and the United States, skincare falls into two categories: prestige or mass. Compare this to Korea, where quality products are affordable and reach a middle ground. This allows consumers to explore their options without breaking the bank, and beauty brands are pressured to constantly unveil new and improved products to keep up with demands and expectations.


With this blog I hope to show you how important and fun Korean skincare can be!




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