TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Cream Mask 28g
These Egg cream masks are drenched in egg yolk and egg white serum for an instant boost and hydration that lasts all day.
Egg white extract helps with brightening efforts while egg yolk extracts nourishes and soothes the skin.
Each mask is a super-soft microfiber sheet that boasts different benefits. 
The masks are saturated all the way through with essence and sits perfectly tight against every part of the face. 
Come in 3 variations.
Suitable for all skin types.
Made in South Korea.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Cream Mask 28g

  • Thoroughly clean and dry your face before applying the facial mask. Apply mask, adjusting to fit properly around eyes, nose and mouth. Take off after 15-20 min and gently pat in excess essence for better absorption. Remove and do not rinse your face. Use excess essence from pouch on neck, arm or any on the body that require hydration. Each facial mask is for one time use only. For best results use once or twice a week. Chilling the mask in the fridge before each use makes the mask extra cooling for an added benefit.