Lip tint with jelly texture that firmly adheres to your lips.
You get a translucent and smooth gloss.
It contains moisturizing particles with pigments that achieve vivid colours.
Honey extract, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that prevent the lips from drying.
This gel-based tint provides lips with a healthy, flushed look.
Totally customizable, you can layer the stay-put tint until you achieve the colour you want! 
It stays on for a very long time and the colours are beautiful.  
The product does not dry your lips.
Once dried, it does not rub off and it stays on the whole day. 
Comes with a little brush that smoothly allows the tint to be applied to the lips.
Comes in 9 colours.
Made in South Korea.


  • Wipe excess tint from applicator before applying. Working from the centre of the lip out. Carefully swipe on one coat of tint. Apply a second if more intense colour is desired. For added moisture, coat your lips with a lip balm before applying tint. Sometimes it is good to exfoliate your lips before applying or it's going to soak into that dead dry skin on your lips.
  • Octagonal fennel extract, Hydrolyzed collagen, Honey extract, Panthenol

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