THE OOZOO Facial Masks 27ml
The Oozoo Face In-Shot Mask is the latest in Korean skincare innovation. 
The first syringe-style mask. 
Masks are made of cotton 
4 different effects.
It uses a syringe with highly concentrated active ingredients, to inject into the mask to deliver fresh and efficient skincare.
It makes your tired skin moistened, elastic, clear and relieves your skin from stress. 
You feel the difference immediately by using this mask. 
The masks will keep your tired skin healthy and elastic.
After 20 min you will have glowing and EXTREMELY hydrated skin!
Suitable for all skin types.
Made in South Korea

THE OOZOO Facial Masks 27ml

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  • Contains 1 Mask.


    Step 1: Take the syringe and press down the button located on the top of the injection syringe so that the seal at the top compartment of the syringe releases to mix into the ingredients inside the syringe. Make sure the ingredients are shaken and mixed well.


    Step 2: Insert the syringe into the cap located in the middle of the mask pouch and press down the piston completely to ensure all the contents has been completely injected into the mask.


    Step 3: Before opening the pouch, please lightly massaging the pouch to make sure the liquid can be evenly saturated into the mask sheet.


    Step 4: Apply the thoroughly saturated mask on your face after removing the mesh sheet. Leave on for 20 min then remove it gently. Gently pat your face so that the remaining ampoule can be absorbed into the skin. Remove and do not rinse your face.


     Each facial wrap is for one time use only.