PETITFEE Gold/Snail/Black Pearl/ Agave Eye Patch/Mask (60 pcs)
Eye patches that moisturizes areas like eyes, cheek and laughter lines.
Keeps the delicate area around the eyes moisturized and healthy.

Made in South Korea.

PETITFEE Gold/Snail/Black Pearl/ Agave Eye Patch/Mask (60 pcs)

  • GOLD Hydrogel Eye Patch

    Containing effective ingredients such as 24K Gold extracts, Ginseng (5.000 ppm), Bird's Nest, Collagen and Rose Flower Water helps make skin around the eyes glowing. These hydrogel patches are soaked in concentrated serum. Minimizes dark circles and bags under the eyes. Very hydrating and soothing. It will reduce fine lines and you skin will look radiant. It will give you the ultimate hydration boost!

    GOLD & SNAIL Hydrogel Eye Patch

    Gold & Snail extract that penetrates into skin rapidly and help to make your skin firm and healthy. You will get a glowing complexion. The Gold is soothing and keeps the skin pure. The snail extract is firming and hydrating. Your skin will get elasticity and a brighter skin tone.Use anytime you want to restore your eyes to a more youthful look!

    BLACK PEARL & GOLD Hydrogel Eye Patch

    The premium combination of Black Pearl and pure Gold powder helps improve circulation for radiant, rosy glow. The patches are soaked in a blend of Green tea, Mugwort and Tangerine extract. These ingredients rejuvenate tired and dull skin around the delicate area around the eyes. Black Pearl contains 20 different types of minerals and amino acids for beautiful clean skin. The Gold invigorates the skin around the eyes. Regular use will help balance and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes. It promotes a clear, smooth and youthful complexion.

    AGAVE COOLING  Hydrogel Eye Mask

    These eye gels contain 5 Blue Energy Complex which includes Agave, Blueberry, Spirulina, Eggplant and Caffeine. The patches are full of vitamins A,B E and C, brightening and soothing your skin. It also has powerful anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. The patch is very beneficial for blemish prone skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The caffeine also help with reducing puffiness. The main benefits on the skin include healing and cooling the the skin. reducing damage and improving blood circulation.