One of the most popular sheet masks is without doubt Mediheal. 
Their face masks have outstanding results thanks to their dermatologist-tested ingredients. 
Mediheal uses highly concentrated natural materials that helps your skin to become healthier and make it resistant to stress.
These masks renew your skin on a professional level. 
The Mask Sheet are made of highly transparent and environmentally friendly bamboo cellulose for excellent adhesion and absorption.
The sheets have a gel-like texture upon application.
As the serum get absorbed by by the skin, it shrinks naturally providing tightening effects to the skin.
Comes in 4 variations.
Ideal for all skin types.
Made in South Korea.

MEDIHEAL Face/Sheet Mask - R:NA, A:PE, P:EP, D:NA

£2.50 Regular Price
£1.50Sale Price
  • DNA - Aquaring mask
    DNA = Defense natural Aquaring Proatin. Hydrating mask that restores moisture to the skin and keeps it hydrated. The mask prevent aging.This mask is perfect to firm and lift your skin. Creamy serum that provides 19 types of Amino Acid that recover the skin. Recover damages skin barrier and improves the function to keep the moisture into the skin. Skin becomes softer and smoother. This mask is great for skin hydration and your skin will appear more plumper.
    RNA - Brightening 
    RNA stands for Radiant Niacin Activator System and provides a brighter skin complexion. This mask is designed to give the skin a lighter,shinier and brighter look. It also provides energy to fatigued skin due to stress and harmful environment. Some of the main functions of this mask are to moisturize, brighten and prevent wrinkles. With this mask's super creamy serum your skin will be revitalized and full of moisture. Your skin will look healthy and radiant for a long period of time. Your will get a glow! Great for all skin types and dull skin that needs a boost. A mask that is super nourishing .
    APE - Soothing Mask 
    APE = Advise Protection Emollient Proatin Mask. This soothing mask is good for sensitive skin. A mask that soothes and comforts the skin.
    It helps to keep your skin healthy and smooth. It also protects the skin from various environmental stress. Your skin will get very refreshed. 
    PEP - Firming Mask
    This is a creamy serum mask with highly elastic materials along with 19 different types of amino acid and peptide.This mask is perfect to firm and lift your skin. The mask is very hydrating, it maximizing tightness and tension for weary and saggy skin. Ideal for anti-aging and skin vitality. 
    It repairs, moisturizes and restore elasticity to your skin. It makes the skin healthier and younger looking. Recommended for all skin types and for tired skin that lacks vitality.
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