MEDIHEAL Face/Sheet Mask Collagen/N.M.F/H.D.P
One of the most popular sheet masks is without doubt Mediheal. 
Their face masks have outstanding results thanks to their dermatologist-tested ingredients. 
Mediheal uses highly concentrated natural materials that helps your skin to become healthier and make it resistant to stress.
These masks renew your skin on a professional level. 

Comes in 8 variations.

Suitable for all skin types.

Made in South Korea.

MEDIHEAL Face/Sheet Mask Collagen/N.M.F/H.D.P

  • N.M.F - Aquaring Ampoule Mask 27ml
    The mask has an advanced moisture regulating system which adjusts depending on your skin's hydration. It suits both dry and oily skin for it balances moisture well in order to keep the skin fresh and healthy-looking. The mask boost skin vitality and erase fine lines. Skin becomes softer and smoother. Also your skin will appear more plumper.
    H.D.P - Pore-Stamping Black Mask Ex 25ml
    This mask helps to control skin's greasiness, tighten pores, and make the skin soft. The sheet is made from charcoal and charcoal is good for reducing acne and purifying the skin. The result is a glowy, poreless looking skin. Your pores gets cleaner and tighter. This mask is recommended for people with clogged up pores. It will leave your skin very moisturized and bright.
    COLLAGEN - Impact Essential Mask Ex 24ml
    This mask is specially formulated to improve the skin's water retention and prevent dryness. It provides the needed nutrition and moisture to keep the skin resilient. Also your skin will be firmer, plumped-up and younger looking. It also stimulate skin cell renewal and reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Your skin will look radiant and have a youthful appearance. Recommended for dry and extremely tired skin.
    TEATREE - Care Solution Essential Mask Ex 24ml
    It is a perfect mask if you suffer from troubled skin and need something to soothe the skin. It delivers intensive care and removes blackheads and clears pores. It also helps control sebum as well as soothes dry and irritated skin. This mask is best used by those with oily blemish-prone skin condition.
    PLACENTA - Revital Essential Mask Ex 24ml
    This repairing mask provides needed nutrition and moisture to your skin. 
    Your skin will get healthier and  more radiant. It also protects the skin from various environmental stress and increase collagen production. Your skin will get very refreshed. It will remain plump and hydrated several days after you used the mask. 
    VITA LIGHTBEAM - Essential Mask Ex 24 ml
    This mask is designed to give the skin a lighter, shinier and brighter look.
    It contains vitamin C, y-oryzanol and tocopheryl that provides intensive care especially to dark and shady areas by controlling formation of melanin. It makes your skin clearer and brighter. It will also minimize the appearance of your pores and even out your skin tone. Your will get a glow! Great for all skin types and dull skin that needs a boost.
    PLATINUM V-life - Essential Mask 25 ml
    This mask is perfect to firm and lift your skin. With ingredients as nano-platinum, trehalose and pomegranate, this mask is perfect to attain elasticity for your skin. The mask is very hydrating, it maximizing tightness and tension for weary and saggy skin. Ideal for anti-aging and skin vitality. It repairs, moisturizes and restore elasticity to your skin. Recommended for all skin types and for tired skin that lacks vitality.
    W.H.P White hydrating Black mask Ex 25 ml
    A black mask full of essence. It contains charcoal, natural castor oil and fruit extracts. The mask cleanses and brightens the skin. When environmental toxins, dirt and debris clog up your pores, it cleanses the skin. You end up with very clean skin. Charcoal acts like a magnet, it draws out impurities, eliminates excess oil. It also adjusts the skin texture and even out the skin tone. Great for dry skin.