ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Cleansing Konjac Sponge
Mild cleansing puff (50g), this Konjac Sponge (75x75X40) is really soft and gentle. 
Made from a Konjac sponge which contains a huge amount of natural fibre.
Much softer than normal sponges.
It is a very useful tool for gentle, soap free cleansing and mild exfoliate that helps to soften, brighten and even out the skin tone.
Made in South Korea.

ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Cleansing Konjac Sponge

  • Contains natural Konjac Jelly that helps exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It is enriched with 100% Natural Konjac.
  • - Before using, wet the sponge. 
    - Put your favourite cleanser in the puff, and lightly massage the skin in circles. 
    - Rinse and squeeze out excess water after using the sponge, and let it dry in an airy place.
    - The sponge comes damp in the packaging is quite soft to touch. 
    - But when you hang it up it will hardened but once you run it under warm water, it will expanded again.