These are the Korean brands we love and sell:

A'PIEU has official been launched by Missha as their new baby brand. It is aimed at girls in their early twenties. More specifically, they imply "The Pureness of Twenties".

AVAJAR means cosmetics in Korean. It is a Korean brand that believes that the best material comes from the nature.

BENTON takes it's name from the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Benton aims to improve your skin by using natural ingredients which, with regular use, help regain your skins original health. Benton's desire is to turn back the time of your skin. They got the Cruelty-Free certification with "Beauty without Bunnies" by PETA. They do not test on animals for all the Benton products. 

BERRISOM was established in 2006. It is made by Nature and Skin Science, and has won the most environment friendly cosmetics brand prize in 2010. They have lots of overseas stores. They were one of the first to develop the lip tint tattoo, a peel-off lip stain.

COSRX is a brand with 13 years of experience in Korean cosmetic industry. They have listened to customers needs regarding their skin types and concerns. They are committed to making high performance products with safe and natural ingredients without any side effects.

ETUDE HOUSE was founded in 2005 and has been awarded for several years as Korea's No. 1 cosmetic brand. The name 'Etude' was inspired by composer Frederick Chopin's studies for piano, Etude (study in French). Their mission is to beautify young women, especially in their early 20s.

ELIZAVECCA is a Korean brand that has been developing  skin products for 20 years. It has created several skin therapy products. Their products are developed so they can make your skin healthy in a natural way!

HEIMISH is a new Korean makeup brand that launched in early 2016. They focus on individual's uniqueness and beauty. Modern and effortlessly chic. 

HOLIKA HOLIKA is a Korean Global cosmetic retailer.  Their products feature unique, eye-catching packing to style-conscious consumers. The vision of HOLIKA HOLIKA is to provide fun practical cosmetic products to enhance every woman's natural beauty with products made of the finest ingredients. 

INNISFREE is known for being Korea's first all natural brand . It was created in 2000. It is a Herb Solution Cosmetic Brand.Their products are known for their focus on natural ingredients.  Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju and pursues an eco-friendly green  life to preserve the balance of nature, and create vibrant beauty.

IT'S SKIN is a brand made by Dermatologists at Seoul University. It's Skin's approach to skincare is to first conduct scientific study to understand the nature of pure healthy skin, and then develop evidence- based solutions to maintain your skin's natural health. It's all about your skin and only your skin. It's Skin is all about safety, the synergy with natural ingredients, and minimal use of antiseptics to produce irritation-free cosmetics. "True Beauty is derived from your natural skin - That is IT'S SKIN!"

JAYJUN is a Korean brand that offers masks, skincare and makeup. It was founded 2014 by a group of plastic surgeons, dermatologist and professional cosmetic researchers. Their statement is "Responsible for Beauty". Their mission is resolving skin-aging. To make your skin tighter and look younger for your age.

JM Solution was founded in 2016 by experts in dermatology, aesthetics and plastic surgery. Their products take on a highly scientific approach focusing on premium ingredients from Asia and Europe. 

JUMISO Helloskin is a cosmetic company based in Korea that specialize in sheet masks since 2016.Their value is that they won't mass produce to achieve poor quality. They focus on producing high quality face masks

 that will put a  big smile on your face. To give = ju, 주 and smile = miso, 미소. Their masks are meant to put a smile on your face.

LABIOTTE cosmetic is a global brand in Korea, the little sister of Tony Moly. Their cosmetics are derived from ingredients found in nature combined with skin science for the beauty of women. Experience their skin science, full of plant and active energy. They aim to inspire and give you perfect skin. They have a philosophy that you should enjoy your make up. They design products to reflect every woman's dream.

LANEIGE, the powerhouse of hydration, was founded in 1994 in Korea, where in 2000 it became the top seller. Laneige opened its first international stores in 2002. They focus on sources extracted from nature. Since 2007 they have expanded in to different makeup lines. Song Hye Kyo (actress,model) is the spokesperson of Laneige.

LEEJIHAM (LJH) is a Korean skincare brand founded 1994. It is very popular with young women in their 20's and 30's. It has become the No 1 specialized dermatology clinic in the skincare industry, and it also has 12 Dermatology clinics with a very high reputation for effective and professional treatment. They are pioneers in skincare and have been developing a wide range of products that act on specific skin problems. Due to their systematic and scientific research they are developing safe cosmetics with amazing results!

MAMONDE blossomed more than 25 years ago. Founded by Amoropacific. It was born from a truly beautiful idea: 

there's so much more to cherish about flowers than their beauty. From bud to blossom , their botanist unveil the secrets of flowers to capture their vital energy - at the heart of all our skin loving ingredients. Precious ingredients are extracted using a low -temperature, ultra-high pressure technology to maximize their many benefits. Mamonde's line of floral-infused products are vegan-certified.

MEDIHEAL masks are made by L&P Cosmetic. They are known for being Korea's first all natural brand. 

The company was created in 2000 and has sold 790 million masks at the end of 2017. Their facial masks are the best selling mask in Asia.

MISSHA was established in 2000 through a Korean beauty website. MISSHA opened its first physical store in Korea in 2002. Eight years later, they had more than 330 stores worldwide. You can trust that MISSHA'S  Make up has been produced by a company that receives international recognition for its high standard of quality skincare and cosmetic products. Using state-of-the-art technology, MISSHA’s main ingredients are natural plant extracts which have passed through the strictest care standards. Every product undergoes extensive allergy testing and is subjected to the critique and feedback of make up experts. They constantly strive to improve product quality and invest heavily in ongoing research and development.

NEOGEN DERMALOGY is a Korean skincare company that was founded  in 2009. They use botanical extracts and exotic ingredients for their skin products. Each product is carefully developed for distinct skin concerns. Neogen Dermalogy offer products that will help you customize your skincare regime with focus on your individual preference and specific concerns. They have received the Cruelty Free certificate.

PERIPERA is a Korean brand, established in 2006. They appeal to girly girls with their makeup collection emphasizing bright lip, eye and nail colour that hint at romance. The eye-catching hues are complimented by equally colour-saturated and youthful packaging. The brand is perfect for young, independent women with a strong sense of individuality brand.

PYUNKANG YUL is a South Korean brand launched by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic, an institution well-known for treating skin disorders. They believe in protecting the skin and therefore have removed all unnecessary chemical substances from their products. They will only use the minimum, safest components to protect and provide respite to your tired and stressed skin.They select ingredients that are gentle and safe for the skin.

RIRE is a Korean cosmetic brand that was founded in 2013. A member of cosmetics manufactor IW Company. The brand offers a variety of skin care, hair care and make up products that are all made in South Korea. It's Lip manicure is one of the consistent best sellers.

SECRET KEY is a Global Beauty brand that pursues healthy beauty. They use natural and environmentally friendly ingredients that can be used safely for any skin type. These are high quality products and Secret Key continues to support the environment to leave a clean and beautiful environment for our descendants.

SKINFOOD is a Korean cosmetics producer, specializing in products from fresh natural and organic blends of plants, flowers, herbs and essential oils. This skin care brand promotes pureness and goodness in their products and their vision is to protect and carefully safeguard your skin towards a rosier skin. They believe that nutrition is not just for your diet but also for your skin. Skin food ingredients are organically grown to secure the utmost in purity and safety. They steam distil their oils and plant essences to draw out the most nutritious and beneficial parts of the plant and combine these ingredients with natural creams and nutrients to make luxurious, all natural products with nothing synthetic. SKINFOOD uses the motto of "good food for health is also good for the skin".

SNP stands for Shining Nature Purity and is a Korean Brand. Like most Korean brands, it offers a plethora of facial masks and the most fun part of their offering are the fun Animal Masks! SNP, developed by Dermatologists so you can have healthy and clean skin.

SON & PARK was created by Son Dae-Sik and Park Tae Yun who are two artists that have spent their entire lives breathing beauty. Now they are highly regarded as the #1 makeup artists in Korea. They boost an incredible clientele to prove it. They are famous for their" skin first philosophy". They are setting the canvas with good skin care, because it impacts the makeup you put on.

THE ARITAUM is deeply rooted in the rituals of beauty with the best curated ingredients from nature. With over 1300 stores in Korea alone and over 70 stores in North America, Aritaum is the leader in providing clients with the best innovations and trends.

THE FACE SHOP is Korea's number 1 cosmetic brand and it is becoming a global brand. It was launched in 2003. The products of the Face Shop are made using only natural extracts like fruit, vegetable, flower, water grain and so on  to ensure the best quality. They are against animal testing.

THE OOZOO is a cosmetic company based in South Korea that specialize in sheet masks. The brand likes to discover new ways of applying care, with a playful design, pipettes and concentrate to inject into cloth masks just before use. It's all about your skin!

THE SAEM is a Korean brand that started in 2010. It means the Spring water (Saem) of Beauty that contains the wisdom of Beauty. The company emphazize on  a eco-friendly way of producing its products. They are only using natural ingredients and believe strongly in recycling.

TONY MOLY was founded in 2006 and is a Global Korean based cosmetic brand.  They aim to inspire and give you perfect skin. Tony Moly offers premium skincare  products with an eco-friendly focus on natural + organic ingredients. Each product comes in a fun, cheeky package, paying homage to the rough translation of TONY MOLY to stylish packaging. Tony Moly is not tested on animals.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL is a unique brand from Korea that provide cute and fun makeup. Their brand is designed for ages 16 up to 25 years. Their items are designed to be different and affordable. It is a brand for people who enjoy individuality.

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